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Please read the following terms and conditions before starting the process with us:

  • Mediterranean immigration will assist you to know the procedure and filing the application form.
  • Our individual representative help you to assist with the case, procedure and share a checklist of the required document which will be required during filling out the application.
  • The company will regularly update with the latest changes in the application and assessment system.


The company will ask you to send your educational and professional documents copy for the process of immigration. The following documents will not be refundable by the company. The company will never ask you to send your original documents. We would require only a scan / Photocopy of the documents.

Processing time:
The processing time for visa is based on the processing time taken by the government and the state department. Mediterranean immigration will not be responsible for any delay in processing.

Fees and Payments:
Your credit will be billed for all online verification. You agree to pay all fees and charges for services offered by Mediterranean immigration You would be payable all taxes, service charges, and shipping charges related to the services.

Services: The company provides the best services mentioned on the website. The company will provide reports of clients according to documents submitted by clients. The company will update you regularly on changes of application or assessment.

Mediterranean immigration Services will communicate via email, telephonic conversation, or messaging for all-purpose.

Refund policy:
Mediterranean immigration Services will refund the full amount except following conditions: The amount and charges have been paid to any assessing bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/ High Commission in the event of filing the application/ Immigration, Rejection or Non-acceptance of his/her application.

Maximum 30% refund in following conditions:

  • Visa denied on any grounds whatsoever, excluding reasons covered in another clause after applying appropriately using Company Services.
  • Immigration rules get changed for the destination country within 30 days of this agreement and the applicant is not qualified under the new rules.

However, a Partial refund of the fee amounting to fees paid less than 40% will be considered under the following circumstances:
Canada: File returned due to Quota reach or the quota getting filled up before the submission of File.

Australia: If, in case the Client is declared disqualify in skill assessment for Australia but not due to Following reason- Verification, manipulated document, or provide insufficient documents.

The company will terminate the service without any refund charges if applicant prepare file without any guidance/ consent or approval of its representative or submit an application to any government body for immigration.

The company doesn’t work with any embassy and/or Govt. So the changes in the rules of the process may happen from time to time which the applicant agrees to upgrade, which might include a special or added qualification, English score etc.