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The Canadian PR process doesn’t require you to pay the visa fee until your application gets selected. However, you need to pay for your education assessment initially.

Let’s find out more about the costs associated with Canada Permanent Residence.

What are the Initial Costs for Canada PR Visa?

Below is the breakdown of the cost that incurs during each stage of the processing

The approximate fees for the ECA is INR 14,562 (CAD 240).

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree or diploma,  is valid and equal to a Canadian one. 

There are different types of ECAs. You need to get an ECA for immigration purposes. 

Some additional costs may be:

  • $240+$10 ($10 Courier charges approx.)
  • $240+$85 for Fast Express courier charges. ($ 85 for Fast Express Courier charges)

You must include your ECA report and the reference number in your Express Entry profile.

What are the costs involved in ECA?

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – Assessing bodies and Costs

Assessing Body


Fee in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Processing Time after receiving documents

World Education Services (WES)

CAD 240

35 business days

Comparative Education Services (CES)

CAD 210

10 weeks

The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)

CAD 200

30 weeks

International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

CAD 200

14 weeks 

International Credential Evaluation Services (ICES)

CAD 200 (per educational credential)

Within 25 weeks 

Medical Council of Canada (MCC)

CAD 310 (to set up up account) + $190 per medical credential (source verification)

90 Days

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)

NAPRA 340 CAD & Document Evaluation 685 CAD

8 weeks

You need to bear the following costs if you are applying for Permanent Residency:

  • Application fees for Canada PR: CAD 850 (INR 51,596 approx.)
  • For a secondary application (which can be your spouse’s), the Canada PR application fees remain the same: CAD 850 (INR 51,596 approx.)
  • For the PR Visa of your dependent child, the fees per child is CAD 230 (INR 13,956 approx.)
  • Right to Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF), to be paid before you can become a Canadian permanent resident, can be paid either when applying or after PR visa approval: CAD 515 (INR 31,261). 

Effective April 30, 2022, the fees for all permanent residence applications have been increased by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

You need to submit your final PR application after you receive your ITA. Then, you need to wait until you receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Up to this point, the process and cost are almost the same for both Express Entry and PNP. Apart from this, you need to bear the cost of getting important documents.

The costs that incur if you are applying under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are as follows:

  • Fees for Primary Applicant: CAD 844 (INR 51,215 approx.)
  • Fees for Spouse or common-law partner: CAD 181 (INR 10,983 approx.)
  • Fees for each dependent child: CAD 181 (INR 10,983 approx.)

The exact amount depends on the selected province.

However, the general cost is as follows:

  • Fees for Primary Applicant is CAD 850 (INR 51,596 approx.)
  • Fees for Secondary Candidate or Common-law partner is CAD 850 (INR 51,596 approx.)
  • Fees for Children (under 22 years of age) is CAD 230 (INR 13,961 approx.) per child.

Estimate the cost of your visa

What are the costs incurred at every step in the Express Entry Program for Canada PR?

The cost for a Canada PR visa from India has to be paid in specific steps. 

An Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for foreign degrees

  • $240+$10 ($10 Courier charges approx)
  • $240+$85 for Fast Express courier charges. ($85 for Fast Express Courier charges)

Once you have an ECA outcome letter and IELTS scorecard, you can move to the next step.

Application fees for a Canada PR visa:

Single applicant fee:

  • = CAD 850 for CIC + 515 (Right to PR Fee)

Couple :

  • = Single applicant fee * 2
  • = CAD 2730 + 515 (Right to PR Fee)

Dependent fee for Child: CAD 230 for each child

Other fees included in this step:

  • Medical exam: INR 3,000 (varies depending on your source city)
  • Police certificate: INR 500 (varies depending on your source city)
  • Biometric Fee CAD 85 for a single applicant
  • Biometric Fee CAD 170 for two or more applicants

Passport Cost may vary between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500. If you already have a valid passport, this cost is removed.

If you apply via a Provincial Nominee Program, you will have to bear extra processing charges from the same.

Here is the list of Canadian provinces and their unique charges:

Name of ProvinceFees Charged Extra
Ontario Immigration Nominee Program(OINP)CAD 1500
Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)CAD 350
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)CAD 500
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)CAD 1150
Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)
(Only for Province of Quebec)
Primary applicant: CAD 785
Spouse or Partner: CAD 168
Dependent Child: CAD 168

Other charges to consider:

  • Traveling Tickets – The air ticket cost can vary from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Visa Consultation fee, according to the consultant you choose
  • Proof of funds

Cost to get a Health Certificate

Your physical and mental fitness is another important eligibility criterion. You need to undergo a medical examination.

  • The cost of this medical examination is CAD110 (Rs. 5,500).
  • The Visa issuing authority selects physicians and hospitals.
  • The list of hospitals that are eligible to conduct this examination is available online on the official website.
  • This Health Certificate is valid for the next calendar year.

Proof of Financial Stability

Proof of Financial Stability to immigrate to Canada is mandatory. This data is submitted to IRCC officials.

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement in 2023

The proof of funds requirement has been updated with effect from April 25, 2023. To remain eligible, you must ensure that settlement funds are accordingly updated in your Express Entry profile. 

IRCC Express Entry Proof of Funds Requirement in 2023

Number of family members 

Funds required in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Approximate in Indian Rupees (INR) 

As per 1 CAD = 60.05 INR


CAD 13,757



CAD 17,127



CAD 21,055



CAD 25,564



CAD 28,994



CAD 32,700



CAD 36,407


For each additional family member 

CAD 3,706


  • When you are migrating to Canada along with the family, this formality is essential.
  • You can submit a recent bank statement or proof of your Investments.
  • If you are migrating to Canada without a job offer, you need to be capable of maintaining your family for at least 3 months.
  • The amount needed as proof of financial ability is as per the size of your family – yourself, your spouse/partner, your dependent children, as well as the dependent children of your spouse/partner. 
  • Spouse and dependent children to be included even if they will not be coming to Canada with you.  
  • The funds are to be readily available to you.

You are exempted from providing the Proof of Financial Stability if you:

  • Have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Hold an authorization to work in Canada
  • Have the ability to meet the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class program

Fees of the Police Clearance Certificate

Processing time for Canada PR

Your application for permanent residency in Canada should be complete in all respects.

Overall Costs

Here are the overall fund details.

Number of Family Members

Minimum Funds Required

4 members


Visa Type

Minimum Funds Required

Study Permit


Work Permit




Police Clearance

INR 500

Medical Examination

$20 (Approx)

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Other Important FAQS

To become a Permanent Resident of Canada, the IELTS test is mandatory.

  • Presently, the Fees for the IELTS test in India is around Rs. 12,000.
  • The tuition Fees for specialized training may vary as per the training institute you prefer.

IELTS is the assessment of your English language proficiency. You need to get a good score in IELTS as an eligibility criterion for the Express Entry Program. The IELTS score plays an important role in improving your total points.

  • You need to score at least 7 bands in all the four modules of the IELTS exam for Canada PR.

There are two major types of IELTS tests:

IELTS General:

  • This is the assessment test for aspiring immigrants in different categories.
  • This test verifies reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the English language.
  • The skilled worker program and skilled trades program applicants need to apply for IELTS General.

IELTS Academic:

  • This is for international students.
  • This is mandatory for the applicant applying for an MBA in Canada.
  • The students of various other professional courses also need to clear this test.
  • This proves the language skills of overseas students.

Provincial Nominee Program is another important pathway to become a Permanent Resident.

To get a PR card through PNP, the following are the applicable Fees for different procedures:

  • Your PNP application Fees: CAD 850 (Rs. 51,595 approx)
  • Your Right to Permanent Residency Application Cost: CAD 515 (Rs. 31,260 approx)

In this program, different Canadian provinces nominate candidates for immigration.

  • This is suitable for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and students.
  • The authorities will start accepting your application once the program opens.
  • Your active participation and contribution to the economic development of the province is a necessary factor.
  • The provinces select the skilled workers as per the demand in their labour market.
  • So, the nominee program is related to the vacancies in the province.

There are two methods you can use:

  1. Submit an application to the PNP, get a nomination, and fill out the application for Express Entry. Or,
  2. Fill out the application for Express Entry first and then submit an application to the PNP. The PNP will push the profile for Express Entry afterward.

Both methods take the same amount of time.

Any sort of false representation can be penalised. The penalty depends on the seriousness of the misinformation. If a candidate is found to have provided false information, he/she may be barred from entering the pool for five years.

Hence, we always encourage the candidate to provide true and valid information.

If the applicant is not invited to apply for permanent residence for 12 months, he/she can create a new Express Entry profile. Once the applicant is eligible for the Economic Immigration Programs, he/she will re-enter the Express Entry Pool.

Yes, a successful candidate can bring his/her spouse or a common-law partner and dependant children to Canada.